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Obama on Youtube – Get your questions ready

Youtube opened up it’s channel to the Copenhagen climate debate this year. Following that many corporations and individuals have made use of the Youtube channels. Like every year tomorrow is the President’s State of the Union Address. What’s unique about this years address is that it will broadcast live on Youtube and ordinary citizens will have any opportunity to ask follow up questions to President Obama.

The State of the Union Speech will broadcast live tomorrow, Wednesday January 27th 2010 at 9 p.m. ET on Youtube’s CitizenTube channel and on The White House’s new iPhone App. Yes, the White House developers have developed a White House App where iPhone users can access and listen to the live speech. Citizens will be able to ask  follow up questions to the President during the speech, which he will answer live. Youtube has set up a Moderator series for people to submit their questions to. Questions can be submitted in video or text.

Citizens will also be able to submit questions during the next few days after the speech and also vote for their favorite questions. Next week Youtube will gather the most voted questions and bring them to the President in an interview with the White House (to be broadcast on Youtube next week).

More information on the Youtube Blog and the White House Blog.

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Is Amazon scared of Apple’s Tablet?

Rumors are that Amazon is worried that with the launch of Apple’s new Tablet the market share for the Kindle will drop. Before the launch of the tablet (The Apple tablet launches on January 27th 2010) Amazon is revamping it’s Kindle and trying to get the best developers on board. On January 21st, 2010 Amazon opened up it’s Kindle for developers worldwide and said that it will allow anyone to develop Apps for the Kindle, sell them online and keep 70% of the sales. As the launch of Apple’s new tablet comes closer Amazon is set to make it’s Kindle more appealing. We wonder if Amazon is scared of Apple?

Businessweek revealed in today’s news that more than 12 developers have confirmed that they will be working to develop Apps for Amazon’s kindle. Amongst these are some big names like Flixster, Social Gaming Network, uLocateCommunications, Electronic Arts (EA), Sonic Boom Games etc. With the introduction of open developer platforms another interesting feature coming to the Kindle would be comic books. Marvel comics distributor Iconology’s founder David Steinberger is also very enthusiastic about developing for the Kindle. He feels that this is the perfect gadget to bring comics to life and it will offer unlimited possibilities.

Kindle was originally designed to digitize books but as competition from Apple grows they seem to be panicking and moving in many different directions – soon we will see games for Kindle, fastfood apps, comics and much more. What’s interesting is that very soon Kindle would be competing with netbooks, Smartphones, Tablets and much more. When it was launched Kindle was a monopoly in the e-reader market but as technology advances it is slowly losing it’s touch.

We are impatiently waiting for the release of Apple’s Tablet. Two more days and the world would see the much hyped about Tablet.  We hope it meets the expectations and is truly something that Amazon should be scared of.

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Samsung signs $7 billion deal to build World’s Largest Wind, Solar Power Cluster in Ontario

Samsung is pouring all it’s efforts to create green technology initiatives. At CES 2010 we saw the launch of several Green tech products and now they have signed a $7 billion deal with the Ontario government to help with their Green tech initiative. Samsung and the Ontario government signed the deal on Thursday last week. According to this new deal Samsung C & T will build and operate a series of wind and solar powered clusters over the next 20 years.

In the picture on the left, Ontario’s first minister Dalton McGuinty is addressing the audience at the technology consortium held on Thursday, January 21st 2010. At this consortium Samsung and the McGuinty government unveiled their plans for Ontario’s future. Details of the deal reveal that by 2014 all coal-fired power plants in Ontario will be shut down. These plants would be replaced with the energy clusters created by Samsung.

Samsung in a Press release states that, “According to the terms of the green energy investment agreement, Samsung C&T and KEPCO will establish and operate a series of wind and solar power clusters over the next 20 years. The clusters, which will be built in several locations throughout the province, will eventually include wind turbines that will generate up to 2,000MW as well as solar power facilities that will generate up to 500MW. The entire project will have a combined power-generating capacity of 2.5GW by 2016, producing energy equivalent to four per cent of Ontario`s total electricity consumption.”

This initiative actually shows the importance of moving towards a green economy and we feel that it is an important and strategic move by the Ontario government. This move will not only secure the future of Ontario’s people but will also minimize their energy consumption. We hope that other nations learn from this and move towards making a greener impact too.

images from  the website for Office of the Premier, Dalton McGuinty Ontario

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