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Breaking News: Obama introduces Clean Tech Tax Breaks

Clean Tech seems to be taking over the world by a storm. Today, President Barack Obama announced that his administration will be giving out $2.3 billion in tax credits to companies in the private sector working on manufacturing clean tech products and clean energy across the country. Wisconsin based 7 companies will receive $21 million in tax breaks. The President aims to increase jobs in the country by promoting the Clean Energy initiative.

CNBC quotes President Obama as saying that, “Building a robust clean energy sector is how we will create the jobs of the future, jobs that pay well and can’t be outsourced…the initiative is good for middle-class families. It is good for our security. It is good for our planet.” Climate change is one of the main goals of Obama’s regime in the White House. The tax breaks have been given to 183 projects across the country. These projects focus on green initiatives – solar energy, wind power, clean tech etc.

Energy star the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also offers Tax Credit to Home owners who have bought Clean tech products. Tax Credit of 30% is offered on cost of upto $1,500. This Tax Break is available till December 31, 2010.

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Exclusive: Justin shares photography tips, tricks and more with Amvona

This is the last part of our interview with Justin Kraemer, winner of Bing photography contest 2009-2010. Justin likes shooting ‘surreal architectural landscapes’. And it’s true his landscapes are very unique and dreamlike. He loves shooting HDR photos of cities and aims to learn more so that he can build on and expand his photographic skills.

He lists many talented photographers as his favorite – most of them have a portfolio on Flickr. In our Q & A session when asked who his favorite photographer was, Justin exclaimed that,”I don’t really have a favorite big named “pro” photographer. I do however follow the work of several very creative and talented people on Flickr. Aaron Reed, Jeff Engelhardt, Clay.Wells, Surrealize, Doug Van Kampen, and Fresnatic are a few of my favorites.” These people are definitely very talented. You can view their portfolios by clicking on their names. Justin uses Photomatix, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to edit and combine his photographs. When asked about his favorite editing software he stated that,”Because I shoot a lot of HDR photographs, I use a program named Photomatix to process and combine the images. I also use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to make adjustments during the post processing of all of my photos.”

Justin lists the following 3 photographs as his favorite from his portfolio:

“This one of the Mukilteo Lighthouse in Mukilteo Washington is both a personal and fan favorite. It is my most purchased photo, and I always like looking at it because it contains the Lighthouse, the ferry, and the beautiful colors of the sunset.(Justin Kraemer 2010)

“I also really like this one of Bell Harbor on Seattle’s Waterfront. The rooftop balcony at Pier 66 in Seattle is a great place to take photos, because it offers a tremendous view of downtown Seattle, the waterfront area, and the Port of Seattle.” (Justin Kraemer 2010)

“I also really like this one of Snoqualmie Falls taken this winter during a really cold stretch that lasted about two weeks. During this two week stretch, the temperatures never got above freezing and a big section of the waterfalls froze creating this very cool icy look on the rocks surrounding the falls.” (Justin Kraemer 2010)

To see more amazing work by Justin check out his portfolio and his Flickr page

Images courtesy Justin Kraemer

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