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FCC reveals plans of how broadband will facilitate smarter energy usage

FCC – Federal Communications Commission recently revealed plans of using broadband to ‘help with America’s national energy independence and energy efficiency goals.’ In an address to the public at the Clean-tech Investor Summit, Nick Sinai FCC Energy and Environment Director uncovered the governments plans on how broad and advanced communications in America can help reduce our carbon footprint.

He highlighted two key areas where broadband and advanced communications can make the biggest impact:

1. efforts in modernizing and updating the electric grid
2. unlocking energy data to promote innovation in the smart home and smart building

In his address he talked about making real-time energy information accessible to consumers and consumer-authorized third parties. states that, “This kind of information could have a huge financial and environmental impact. Studies show that access to real-time usage data results in energy savings of up to 15%.” Sinai also discussed ways in which this information when combined with other measures could help in the creation of new products and services that may enable consumers to save and manage energy.

He stated in his address that, “I think we can all agree real-time information and communication is the way people and systems work today.  You can check your frequent flyer miles, get real-time traffic alerts, or check your bank balances, all from your iPhone…Real-time feedback is what lets people make better energy decisions. Perhaps more importantly, real-time feedback in standard digital formats will allow companies to innovate new products and services that will help customers “set it and forget it,” saving energy and money on electric bills with a minimum of fuss.”

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