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The much awaited change

‘Change is the only constant in life.’ This statement is very true. Change has been the only constant in my life. I resigned from Amvona (Epiphany Labs) today and on Monday, February 8th 2010 (insha’Allah) I will start my new job. In the past 3 months at Amvona I did a lot of cool stuff – from managing a team of some brilliant writers to producing Amvona’s social media strategy to actually designing web pages. It was all a roller coaster ride. I have lived with the Amvona Blog for 3 whole months, seen it grow and hope that it reaches the point of stardom.

When making the decision to quit for the first time in life I came to the realization that everything I had worked for in the past 24 years of my life was true. Social Media had power and together people could make a difference. It’s the common interest and ways of communication that we need to find to connect to each other. And once we find that connection people do relate. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin work because people want to connect to those who share something common. The common trends on Twitter, the friends and networks on Facebook and the common businesses and roles on Linkedin all form an important part of our lives.

Having said that I am excited that I will be starting my new role as Account Manager, Online Media with a company that strongly believes in Social Media. Future articles on this blog will focus on the power of the Social Media medium.

So keep reading =) & thank you for following me so far.