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After the release of OS 2 for Android and Droid earlier this year, came Adobe’s Photoshop version for Android phones. released it’s Mobile application for Android this month.  This new App competes with Photoshop’s Mobile App for Iphone. This new App gives  users the ability to batch edit their photos, to color correct them and to enjoy many other photoshop features on the Android phone.

Techchee comments on the new version, stating that “Of course, the mobile version of the Photoshop is different from the full-fledged version. You could only carry out some simple tasks on your Android phones. But it should be more than sufficient for those who’d love to twist some photos before uploading them to Facebook for sharing.”

In order to use the application users are required to open a ‘free’ account and get the application from the Android market. The best bit about this App is that now you can edit your images online anywhere/anytime through your phone.

The Android 2.0 platform comes with new features, one of them being it’s camera. The features of the camera include:

  • Built-in flash support
  • Digital zoom
  • Scene mode
  • White balance
  • Color effect
  • Macro focus

Check out the Android video:

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