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Tech is Green at CES 2010 – Asus steals the show

2009 was the year of the compact, fast and trendy Asus netbooks. They took the market by a storm and introduced the first tiny netbooks that could fit in your purse or back pack, were as (figuratively) light as a feather, and yet powerful enough to do practical work. Netbooks were also available at extremely affordable prices, with fantastic build quality. Apple may have revolutionized the computer industry in 1984 but in 2009 Asus restructured the way we approach a laptop. In 2010 Asus is going a step further and have ‘reaffirmed their Green initiative‘.

Today, at CES 2010 Asus Corporation revealed that three of their EEE PC models had won the EPEAT (Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool) Gold Certification Standards. Asus in a Press Release today stated that, “The EEE PC Seashell 1005HA, 1101HA and 1001HA are the first models in the Eee PC range to attain the environmental standards required to be certified EPEAT Gold. As a further nod to the environment, 90% of their parts, as well as 80% of the packaging materials used, are recyclable.”

Other Asus products including 9 Asus LCD Monitors have also attained EPEAT Gold Certification. In 2010 Asus aims to leap forward with it’s Green initiative and use more innovative Green processes for the manufacturing of its products. The company already manufactures products that enhance their users organic experience for e.g. the ASUS U Series Bamboo Collection notebooks use organic materials like Bamboo for the “notebook’s lid and palm rest.”

ASUS is one of the many tech companies making an effort towards using sustainable practices to manufacture their products. It seems like as 2010 progresses we will see many more Green products and Green design would be a dominant trend in the industry. It takes an effort on all our parts to revert to the Clean tech economy. I m proud that I own the EEE PC 1001 HA Net Book and that it has been listed as one of the most sustainable tech products :).

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog