Archive for April 22nd, 2010 Uses Facebook to Create Social Brand Experiences

Written for in April 2010

In yesterday’s article we discussed how Facebook’s new technology can help businesses create meaningful brand experiences. And we discovered today that businesses have already jumped on the social brand experience bandwagon and are strategizing to successfully use this channel. Today, Mashable revealed in an article how Levi’s (the clothing manufacturer) was one of the first businesses to successfully use Social Media and Facebook plugins to create a social brand experience.

A social brand experience adds a whole new dimension to online marketing and brand management. Previously, businesses could create online communities, websites, blogs, podcasts, have conversations online but now they can actually empower their customers to co-create meaningful brand experiences. By deploying successful online marketing strategies businesses can ‘be social’ and adopt practices which provide greater interaction between the brand and the customer. These channels provide opportunities for businesses to let their customers own the brand. Social brand experiences are a new and powerful way of creating brand loyalty and brand recognition quickly.

Levi’s provides a good example of a social brand experience. Through their website they are letting their customers show their likeness towards a product share it with their friends on facebook. Customers can do this simply by clicking the ‘like’ facebook plugin on the site and the image of the product will be displayed on their facebook profile. The new plugin links the site to facebook and allows customers to have dual interaction. This enables the brand to promote it’s products to millions to customers just by allowing users to share-in and co-create the brand experience.


Mashable quotes Jodi Bricker, Vice President of Digital for Levi’s® Americas as stating that, “We’re creating a new social shopping experience that will change the way people shop online and, frankly, make buying jeans more fun. We’re excited to pioneer this new technology and help our loyal fans connect with our brand and share their favorite Levi’s® products with friends.”