Social Web: Facebook Expands its Network

Written for in April 2010

The web is dominated by social media and social networks. Each day a new technology is revealed or a new network is launched. This progress shows the growing change and use of innovation to connect people worldwide. Last week, Twitter revealed that there were 105,779,710 users that used the micro-blogging platform. Facebook on the other hand revealed that it was opening up the platform to partner sites.

Facebook Social WebToday, Facebook revealed further expansion strategies on it’s blog. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed that Facebook is going to partner with Microsoft Docs, Yelp and Pandora. Through this partnership Facebook will open the platform to include integration between the services offered by the chosen partners. Where this may raise privacy concerns with the users, it does provide multiple opportunities for businesses.

By adopting the social web mantra and opening up the platform, Facebook is giving businesses the opportunity to reach out to millions of its users and create individualized brand experiences. Mark Zuckerberg stated that, “This next version of Facebook Platform puts people at the center of the web. It lets you shape your experiences online and make them more social. For example, if you like a band on Pandora, that information can become part of the graph so that later if you visit a concert site, the site can tell you when the band you like is coming to your area. The power of the open graph is that it helps to create a smarter, personalized web that gets better with every action taken.

We think that the future of the web will be filled with personalized experiences. We’ve worked with three pre-selected partners-Microsoft Docs, Yelp and Pandora-to give you a glimpse of this future, which you can access without having to login again or click to connect. For example, now if you’re logged into Facebook and go to Pandora for the first time, it can immediately start playing songs from bands you’ve liked across the web. And as you’re playing music, it can show you friends who also like the same songs as you, and then you can click to see other music they like.”

Facebook Social networks like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Digg and Linkedin have changed the way we interact online. With these additional changes proposed by Facebook, the Social Web is going to become the hub of online interaction. It will enhance the interaction between businesses and their target audience. It will help brands create experiences that can be translated into social media. And it will enable them to share these experiences successfully with their target audience.

In another blog post from last week, Facebook enhanced the technology behind it’s pages. Now business pages can be connected to individual user profiles. By doing this Facebook enables businesses to monitor conversations about their brand closely. It also opens up a whole new level of interaction and lets businesses adopt strategies to capture the mind share of their target audience.

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