CRM Acceleration: Recapping the Social Media, Blogging and CRM Experience

Written for in March 2010

Today, I attended CRM Acceleration’s Social Media and CRM seminar sponsored by BrainSell and SugarCRM. The event was a gathering of Social Media and CRM gurus. Several speakers presented their ideas about Inboung marketing, Social Media, Sales and CRM etc. The seminar was structured to promote channels that can help businesses generate online leads.

Inbound Marketing expert Dharmesh Shah opened the house with a very interesting presentation on inbound marketing techniques. The presentation covered all aspects of inbound marketing – from SEO, Social Networking and Blogging to Measuring success metrics and sales. Dharmesh presented ideas promoting inbound marketing and further emphasized on the importance of content creation. He proved to the audience that inbound marketing was the approach to adopt. It is all about getting found by your customers and not chasing after them.

As stated earlier, one important element in his presentation was structured around the idea that blogging is a powerful means of content generation. In a previous post we highlighted 6 reasons why blogging is important for businesses. For businesses looking to adopt inbound marketing practices, content generation is an important step. Good, quality content is loved by search engines. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing match quality content with their searchers query. Thus, it becomes important for businesses to create content that can satisfy the needs of millions of searchers.

Blogging is a channel through which businesses can create meaningful content. As Dharmesh stated in his presentation, “Google loves blogs.” Through it’s search technique Google brings the searcher and content together. Blogs are means through which companies can keep their content current and informational. Through a blog businesses can talk to their customers and answer important questions. Many businesses assume that blogging isn’t important to them as they expect their customers not to go online to read or find information. Dharmesh elaborated on this point and stated that, “if there are people willing to buy in your industry then there are people willing to read about it.”

Today’s customer consumes information. They are smart and savvy and want to learn everything about your industry before they make a decision. The best way to be a thought leader in your industry is by building a blog. A blog is an informal way of showing that you can add value in your industry, that you are an expert on the material you sell and that you know how to build meaningful conversations. It’s all about building your credibility and showing that you are an expert in your industry.

Blogs also help keep your web content fresh and enable you to converse with your customers. “People value stale information less.” (Dharmesh Shah, Inbound Marketing)

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