Exclusive: Mass GTUG Co-founder talks to Amvona

This is part 2 of the Mass GTUG Exclusive series on Amvona. This interview with Mass GTUG’s co-founder Monika Adamczyk reflects Monika’s thoughts on the future of the web, Google Wave and it provides an overview of the Mass GTUG history, projects and much more.

The concept behind GTUG is fascinating – it opens up the Google world to the general public and allows them to experiment with the given developer technology. Tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Digg etc. all have developer groups. Developer groups can be termed as ‘common interest groups’ where people passionate about a certain cause or technology come together to work on new projects, discuss bugs in software, tell stories of new tech developments and basically review everything and anything related to that particular interest.  At Mass GTUG they explore many themes within the Google domain.

Monika provided us with a brief history of the group and said that, “Mass GTUG was formed during summer 2009. We are one of many GTUG groups that operate across the world. The origin and short history of GTUG can be found on Wikipedia. Our group was originally established as Boston GTUG but because we had participants from other parts of Massachusetts, we renamed it to Mass GTUG. We started small with just a few members, but since then we grew into relatively large group. The Google discussion group has over 100 participants. We also have groups established on LinkedIn and Facebook, have a number of followers on Twitter @massgtug and a public Wave on Preview Google Wave server (Google Wave account required to access the wave). Last, but not least we have a website http://massgtug.gtugs.org/ where meeting announcements and organizational details are posted on regular basis.”

When asked to describe projects and development of ideas at Mass GTUG, Monika replied, “Mass GTUG is a user group, whose primary purpose is ideas exchange and education in Google related technologies. Our group usually meets once a month for a technical talk given by either a member of the group or an invited speaker. So far we had presentations on Google Wave, GWT, Google App Engine etc.While most of the group members are developers who work on software projects (commercial and open source) that utilize Google technologies, at this point we do not have a group wide development effort. However, once in a while, we are going to be hosting hackathons whose primary purpose is collaborative computer programming. The first one was organized in November 2009 and devoted to Google Wave. We had about 50-60 participants with members of Google Wave API team (Pamela Fox and Brian Kenish) giving technical presentations on the topic. Google Cambridge office provided meeting space and sponsored food during the hackathon.”

Stay tune for more in Part 3.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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