Exclusive: Mass GTUG an opportunity to experience Google technologies?

This is the last part (part 3) of the interview series with Mass GTUG Co-founder Monika Adamczyk. In the interview with Amvona, Monika highlighted her views on Google Wave, her involvement with Mass GTUG, CrisisCamp and MacoTech Inc. and she presented her views on the future of the web. For those interested Massachusetts Google Technology User Group (Mass GTUG) is open to anyone interested in Google Technologies. Like the name suggests it is a User group for Google technology enthusiasts.

Anyone can join the group, attend meetings and participate in discussions. Mass GTUG has a Google group and a site. They also have Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.Talking about Google Wave and other similar platforms Monika commented that, “My personal opinion about Google Wave has been positive so far. I was present at the Google I/O 2009 when it was first demoed to the public and I immediately saw a lot of potential for it as real time collaboration and content delivery platform.” When asked if she thought that the Google Wave platform will change online communication Monika remarked that,”Absolutely. There is a growing demand for robust, flexible and real time communication tools and Google Wave is certainly filling that niche even in the current beta version.” In the interview Monika defined her role as the organizer and co-founder of the Mass GTUG. She manages the group, organizes monthly meetings and events, maintains the group website, posts announcements etc. In short she pretty much does everything ‘necessary to keep the group running’.

A couple of months ago we introduced our readers to Google Wave and described how Google was pushing this platform forward. Monika is an active Google Wave user and during the interview she described the time she has spent exploring Google Wave and the work she has done. She states that, “I have been an active user of the platform from the very beginning and done some Google Wave API development (robots, gadgets etc). I have also spent time investigating the Federation Protocol and open source version of Google Wave Federation Server that is available from http://www.waveprotocol.org/.I am also an active member of an a Federal Wave project whose primary goal is to develop an interagency, crowd sourced effort to promote Wave as an integrated platform for communication and collaboration within federal government agencies. We have presence on a number of social networks from Google Wave (Google Wave account required to access the wave), a few wikis (most of them closed to public except for https://defensemetawiki.cape.osd.mil/Gov2Gov that is open to both government employees and government contractors), Facebook, GovLoop and others.”

When discussing the future of the world wide web (www) Monika remarked that, “Web (as in WWW) is just a small part of modern communication platform and more and more often it merges its functionality with other technologies that are being used by public for daily activities and information exchange.It is certainly here to stay and continue evolving, utilizing the latest technologies as they get developed. There will certainly be continued growth of mobile systems accessible from cell phones, hand held devices allowing us to not only look up information but also perform a wide range of tasks (from e.g. paying daily fees such as parking car, vending machine purchases to receiving last minute notifications that may affect the decisions we make).”

We agree with Monika that the web is transforming. As new devices, gadgets and other technological innovations come into play the world of the web will keep on changing. We would like to thank Monika for taking out the time to answer our questions and for introducing us to Mass GTUG. Monika is also the owner and founder of Massachusetts based tech company Maco tech Inc. This boutique firm specializes in software design and development, provides a business analysis and project management services.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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