iPhone Atlas: the new National Geographic iPhone App

Bing unveiled the National Geographic iPhone App, that has 7 million place listings. Now that is simply outstanding. The App also offers iPhone users the ability to “view 7 different levels of cartography, 3 maps styles and the ability to find locations around the world…” This application does not use Google Maps but uses Bing Maps Platform as the integrated mapping service. Many companies are switching over to Bing. And soon we will see Bing as the preferred search engine.

National Geographic lists the features of this new App. on its site. The App offers some very cool things. Check out the features below:

High resolution National Geographic cartography, the same used to print our award-winning wall maps and bound atlases!

“• Preloaded with 3 different styles of world maps, down to country detail. Additional detailed zoom levels and Microsoft Bing maps require internet connection to view. Map Library feature allows you to download and save National Geographic maps for faster access and offline use.

• Easy-to-use and fast place name search tool, with over 6 million database entries (major cities index is preloaded; full search requires internet or cell connection).

•World Flags and Facts database, expertly edited and up-to-date with concise socio-economic and geographic data.

• Push pin tool enables you to mark, annotate, and save your favorite places. Push pins come in a variety of colors and can tap into your iPhoto library or camera.

•GPS enabled iPhones can center the maps to show your current location.” (source: National Geographic)

This App is available on the Apple App store.

images from the National Geographic Shop site.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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