Tech Pros at CrisisCamp Boston Aid in Haiti Earthquake Relief

This weekend, on January 23rd 2010, various Tech pros are coming together at CrisisCamp Boston to create programs that can help victims of the Haiti earthquake. Last week similar camps were organized in Washington, Los Angeles, California and other cities.

Many developers, programmers and other volunteers came together in last weeks meetings to create innovative programs that can aid Haiti victims. If you are in the Boston area this weekend you can also volunteer your time and skills by attending the CrisisCamp meet and help out with a number of different projects. All you have do is sign up at Eventbrite (the event is free and open for anyone to attend).

Earlier this week CNN reported about the CrisisCamp and outlined their efforts in Washington, Los Angeles and California. CNN reporters interviewed CrisisCamp Co-founder Noel Dickover. CNN reports about the results of the meetings and states that, “Results included a digital map to help relief groups in Haiti coordinate their efforts and applications for the iPhone and other smartphones, including a Creole-to-English dictionary. “There was virtually no moving around,” said Noel Dickover, a CrisisCamp co-founder and one of more than 200 people who attended the session in Washington. “Everyone was sitting there working and really getting stuff done for the entire time.” Dickover said an open-source, interactive map that the group worked on already is being used by relief organizations working in Haiti to help coordinate their efforts. A Craigslist-style Web site that would allow groups in Haiti to exchange supplies and other assistance is almost ready, he said. Apps for the iPhone and Android smartphone system also are on their way. One application would allow real-time communication in Haiti, where the telecommunications network was ravaged by the earthquake. That app, and the Creole translation app, must win approval from Apple and Google before they will be available to smartphone users.”

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