CrisisCamp Boston: Discover How You can Help Haiti

Monika  Adamczyk, Co-founder of Google Technology User Groups and founder of Maco Tech Inc. is our key contact at CrisisCamp Boston. She is also one of the people organizing the Boston CrisisCamp. This morning Monika sent us an emailing  outlining the activities and projects at the Camp. This seems to be the perfect opportunity for all the technology experts to come forward and help in a noble cause. Projects generated out of these camps would directly benefit those affected by the Haiti Earthquake and would also pave way for future technologies to be used to provide disaster relief.

CrisisCamp has put together a wiki site where they list the projects they will be working on. CrisisCamp Boston will match project needs and attendees skills on Saturday morning. Projects include digital mapping and iPhone apps, a ‘capacity for survivors to tell their story of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake’, Haiti Hospital Finder – ‘an application that can help produce real time data regarding capacities of local hospitals’, Haiti Workforce Retention – a tool to keep skilled Haitians in Haiti’ etc. For a detailed list on the  projects visit their wiki site.  CrisisCamp Boston will be taking place at ITA offices: 141 Portland Street, Cambridge Massachusetts. The event will start at 9am and run till 4pm. Directions to the ITA offices can be found here. Information about the Boston CrisisCamp is also available on the wiki site.

You can register for the Event at Eventbrite. The event is free to attend and open for the public. You can also join the CrisisCamp Boston Google Group to get updates on projects, meeting venue and to get an idea of the current discussions. CrisisCamp also has Twitter and Facebook pages that provide latest news on the workings of the different camps. By volunteering your time this weekend you will be helping out on different projects that are guaranteed to aid in relief efforts in Haiti. The people affected by the earthquake need us and this maybe the perfect opportunity to make a difference.

If you want more information on CrisisCamps efforts you can visit the CrisisCommons website.

top right hand corner image from ifrc’s flickr page

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