Inspiring: Compenion – Innovative Design For Your Computer

Yanko Design displays the work of Designer Felix Schmidberger who has designed a sustainable prototype for the Personal Computer of the Future.  This Computer is called Compenion and is based on the current needs of a tech savvy market. The product is sustainable and is created using OLED technology. It comprises of different touch screens put together.

Yanko Design describes Schmidberger’s design and states that, “Based on a personal computer that accompanies you through your day and context-oriented docking stations at personal spaces like in the office or at home. Those stations are matching the needs of the user in their particular surrounding, like home entertainment in the living room or conferences and multi-tasking at the office.The computer itself is a OLED-touchscreen slider, with a second hidden touchscreen underneath. This way, it gives you a similar working experience as with a 2-monitor setup. It is controlled per hand or via a “senstylus pen”, that you can use like a normal pen or twist it and use it as a 3d-sensor remote, with a sensor field under the thumb for precise menu controls.”

I hope that this computer is manufactured and launched into the market. If that happens Felix Schmidberger’s design will change the computer market forever. We all know that there are talks of making smartbooks, making netbooks smaller, thinner etc. etc. but this design is a step ahead of all other innovative products in the market right now.

images from Yanko Design.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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