LG E-Paper: A breakthrough in technology

Skiff was revealed at CES 2010. The Skiff Reader powers on LG panel technology and offers a 11.5 inch screen. The LG e-paper uses the same technology but offers far more – it comes with a 19 inch screen and is as thick as a real newspaper, it’s bendable and flexible. It’s actually a very cool product, you can roll it up and tuck it under your arm like a real newspaper and take it with you on the subway.

Even though the E-Paper is in the prototype stage LG officials claim that they might be taking it forward from there. If revealed in the consumer market this product will revolutionize the new media industry for good.

Business week experts talk about the LG e-newsreader and state that, “The device, optimized for an e-newspaper, has yet to be packaged as a marketable product. LG Display specializes in display panels and doesn’t make any finished product. “This will be the start,” says LG spokesman Lee Bang Soo, adding that he expects a manufacturer to introduce a commercial e-reader that not only could replace newspapers and paper magazines but also allow users to enjoy audio and video content. The e-paper is virtually paper-thin with thickness of only 0.3 millimeters. It uses thin-film-transistor on metal foil rather than glass substrate to give the device flexibility. Measuring 25 centimeters by 40 centimeters (9.8 in. by 15.7 in), it weighs only 130 grams, though it will get thicker and heavier if a manufacturer wires it up with touchscreen technology to give full Internet access.”

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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