Digital News: The Future is NOW

Kindle, Skiff, Nook and now the LG e-paper all point to one thing: The world is changing forever. Age old techniques and practices are being replaced by new tools and tech products. There is an awareness, a sense of responsibility and a desire to change. Everyday, we see people working towards this change: change our lifestyles, change our interactions and change the way we view our world. Technology has always offered solutions to many problems and perhaps, the solution to an unsustainable life is a technological revolution.

This revolution is coming through the advances in design of clean-tech products. CES 2010 unveiled thousands of sustainable products that offer the possibility of a positive and healthy change. These products diminsh risks to our environment and enable us to help save our planet. Talks about saving the planet having been going on for more than a decade now. I remember when I was a kid and Captain Planet was the hot thing and everyone wanted to save the world. Before the futuristic technology of today, no consumer products manufacturer has actually taken the whole clean-tech initiative so far. 2010 is definitely the year of the Clean-tech revolution. Last year at LeWeb we saw Marrisa Mayer talk about how the future of news is going to change. Well, the future is here now and with products like Skiff and LG e-paper the way we interact with news has changed forever.

I came across an interesting TED talk that discusses the future of news. And how News can be designed to change many systems. In our digital world news does travel fast and what’s more exciting is that now it travels with us digitally. Our smartphones, our Netbooks, our e-readers all let us interact with news and this news is definitely futuristic.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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