Honey! Your food is in the Printer

If you are wondering what printed food tastes like think no more – MIT’s latest technology now lets you print your food and eat the print out!!! Two MIT grad students have come with Cornucopia: “a concept deign for personal food factory that brings the versatility of the digital world to the realm of cooking” (Fluid.Media.Mit)

Students Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran of the MIT Fluid Interfaces Group have devised a digital printer like machine that can mix various ingredients together and create edible print outs of hot or cold food. In simple words it’s a printer that has food canisters on top. These canisters mix different ingredients together liquify them and print out your favorite food.

Coelho and Zoran state on their website that, “Cornucopia’s cooking process starts with an array of food canisters, which refrigerate and store a user’s favorite ingredients. These are piped into a mixer and extruder head that can accurately deposit elaborate combinations of food. While the deposition takes place, the food is heated or cooled by Cornucopia’s chamber or the heating and cooling tubes located on the printing head. This fabrication process not only allows for the creation of flavors and textures that would be completely unimaginable through other cooking techniques, but it also allows the user to have ultimate control over the origin, quality, nutritional value and taste of every meal.”

Clean tech experts call Cornucopia a green device that is bringing revolution to the world. Although the concept is really neat and it does save cost and also minimizes waste it can’t replace real food. This machine feels something out of the Jetsons where food was digitized. Now imagine a world where technology changes the structure of food forever! Anything is possible :).

Images courtesy  http://fluid.media.mit.edu/projects.php?action=details&id=79

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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