Underwater Photography got easier with Underwater Scuba Mask Camera

Yes, it’s a Scuba diving mask that doubles as an Underwater camera. A diver can wear his/her mask, breathe underwater and take pictures at the same time. We all know that camera equipment is heavy and having to drag all that equipment with you underwater spoils the fun of taking beautiful underwater shots. With the Underwater Scuba Mask Camera you can now take underwater shots effortlessly and even make a video of life under the sea. Etronixmart an e-retailer is offering the Scuba Mask Camera for $116.99.

Etronixmart states that, “Even diving underwater 30 meters, you can take high motional video 1280×960. Underwater Scuba Mask Camera is designed for underwater sports, wearing comfortable, with excellent sealing performance and unique streamlined shape. It has Unique magnet switch control, indicating by motor shaking. What is more, this Scuba Mask Camera has tempered glass lens with strong antifog function, innovative mask design, wide view.”

Specifications of the Underwater Scuba Mask Camera include 4GB internal memory, 1 Megapixel Camera, Built-in rechargeable battery etc. To take pictures one will have to rub the silver ring around the power icon for a second to power the camera ON. And for two seconds to set the camera to make a video. This device seems very interesting and it would actually be great if it offered a higher resolution and greater picture quality. However, it does offer convenience and ease of use to the underwater photographer.

images from Etronixmart.com

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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