Smart People, Smart Ideas, Smart Communities at Lego Click

Lego has joined the race for Social Media Platforms. Facebook started as a social networking platform for students in various schools and gradually became one of the world’s largest networking platforms, Linkedin was specifically designed for professionals looking to connect and explore relationships with other professionals, was created to find dates online. Okay you get the picture every Social network has had a purpose and a target audience in mind. Like every other network Lego’s Lego Click is a community of creative intellectuals – people who come together to explore ideas and innovate.

Lego has been serving almost every country in the world and creating intellectual and innovative products for both children and adults. They started with the simple idea of Lego bricks and branched it out to many different dimensions – robotics, entertainment, education etc. Lego has revealed a Social Networking Platform called Lego Click .

Lego Click is an innovative interactive community where visual artists, creatives, entrepreneurs,  business men, tech geeks, innovators etc. are invited to share their ideas of future toys and products at Lego. Lego Click offers great potential for New Media professionals and artists dying to share their ideas with the world. The community at Lego Click covers almost everything being said about Lego on the web. They do this by pulling tweets from Twitter feed under the hashtag #legoclick, another part of the site shows all uploaded videos and photos about Lego. reports that, “The sections of LEGO CLICK are self explanatory, one pulls tweets from a Twitter feed with the hashtag #legoclick, one shows uploaded photos while another shows uploaded videos. The posts feed appears to be pulling in an RSS feed of anything mentioning LEGO. That seems a bit limiting, but then again – it is their house. Then there is a featured feed, which appears to be in house articles on LEGO.”

It will be interesting to note what new inventions and innovations come out of Lego Click. We will keep you updated with all news.

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