Intel’s Intelligent and it plans to monitor your Home energy usage

Yes, we have been going gaga over green tech products but as we step into a new year it becomes important to think about new beginnings and to work towards them. 2009 was the year of the crisis where everyone from the government to the individual employee was fighting to resolve basic issues: issues of poverty, joblessness, health care, climate etc. What we learned from 2009 was that it’s time to CHANGE. I know I m talking about the much awaited change and in the midst of our current economic situation, this change doesn’t seem to be happening. But if you really look around you the change is taking place, slowly but gradually things are improving. And one change that is very significant is the move towards Clean Tech and Green Energy.

From President Obama giving Clean tech breaks to CES 2010 adopting a Green theme 2010 seems to be about social and environmental responsibility. In such a climate it becomes important for every individual to step forward and make sure that their surroundings are environmentally friendly. And thanks to current technologies we can make our homes a safer place to live in. Intel has introduced it’s Intel Atom Proof of Concept – a device that will monitor the energy consumption in your home. Today, Intel took this concept further and launched a website to educate customers about this new gadget and energy efficiency.

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