Exclusive: Interview with Bing photography contest winner Justin Kraemer

We have been bringing to you the latest updates on the Bing ‘Home Sweet Home’ photo contest. Today, Justin’s photograph of the Seattle skyline went live on the Bing Homepage.  Earlier this week I interviewed Justin to highlight his experience of winning the photo competition, his skills in photography, his favorite photographs and to get details of the techniques he adopts to shoot such classic photos.

Justin is a self taught photographer. He bought his first camera in May 2007 and has been taking amazing photographs ever since. His first camera was a Canon Rebel XT and he has been adding to his collection of photo gear ever since. Currently he uses a Canon 7D, with an assortment of lenses: Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron and a few Black and White filters. He is the 2009/2010 winner of the Bing photo contest. Through our interview with Justin we learned a lot about him. He is a young aspiring photographer, to put it in years he is 26 years old. He is based in Seattle. He graduated in 2001 and loves sports. He is very passionate about sports and photography. Other than taking breathtaking photographs he also works as the “Athletic Director at a local Boys and Girls Club” in Seattle. To take his passion of sports forward Justin is also a Masters student in Sports Administration and Leadership at Seattle University.

This interview will be published on the Amvona Blog in 3 parts.

Lighthouses by Justin
Nature by Justin
Posted under Nature by Justin

Images courtesy Justin Kraemer

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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