Light Touch – The Interactive Projector turns any surface into a Touch Screen

UK based Light Blue Optics unveiled it’s Interactive projector Light Touch today.  Light touch turns any flat surface into a 10 inch touch screen. The projector has unlimited possibilities and allows users to interact with it, like they would interact with any other hand held device. This projector will be revealed to the world at the Las Vegas CES 2010 trade show. With the launch of this projector Light Blue Optics is opening up new possibilities for ‘touch-sensitive displays.’

The theme of this years show is Green Technology. Many vendors including Samsung are showcasing Clean tech products there. The product launch for Light Touch is invite only and will take place tomorrow evening. Light Blue Optics in a Press Release today stated that, “Light Touch incorporates LBO’s proprietary holographic laser projection technology (HLP™), creating bright, high-quality WVGA resolution video images that are always in focus. HLP™ enables extremely wide throw angles, resulting in large images being created at close proximity to the projector’s aperture. HLP™ can also correct for distortion and optical aberrations in software, enabling novel table-top projection. A unique optical architecture delivers a Class 1 laser safety classification making HLP™ and devices that incorporate it eye safe.”

Light Blue Optics designs and develops miniature projection systems. Light Touch is their first consumer product. On their site they also show Light Speed (a product not yet launched).  The Light Touch Projector definitely broadens the whole multimedia experience. We will look forward to witnessing more product launches by Light Blue Optics.

Images from light blue optics website

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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