New Year – Get your photos in Times Square

Kodak is becoming the cool new thing. They keep on innovating and adding interactive campaigns to their portfolio. Today, Kodak launched the ‘Your Photo in Times Square’ Campaign. Now any one can view themselves on a huge billboard in Times Square on New Years eve. Talk about being a celebrity, now your wildest dreams can come true with Kodak. This may be the coolest way to celebrate New Year. If you want your 10 seconds of fame and wish to show your work to millions of people at Times Square submit your photos to Kodak now!

The Kodak team explains the project on their blog and states that, ‘We recently upgraded our huge digital display on the 50-yard line of the Crossroads of the World. It is now networked and we have an app that will let you to share your picture on our sign. The cool part about it is that you control when it shows up.’ If you want your photo to be displayed on Times Square follow the instructions below or on the Kodak 1000 words blog.

  1. Email your photo to
  2. You will get a confirmation email for your photo. If your photo is approved they will send you a second notification with a code
  3. When you are ready to post your picture to the Kodak billboard in Times Square simply text the code to the number they provide
  4. Your photo will appear at the next interval
  5. The picture will show for 10 seconds and they allow you to do this 6 times over 30 days.

If you want to showcase your work to millions of people on New Years Eve now is your chance to do so. Start sorting through your images and send them to kodak. Hurry up!

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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