The world in 5 years – IBM predicts a Smarter Future

“Instrumented. Interconnected. Intelligent. Inevitable…” Is that the future? Experts at IBM present the outline of a smart, vibrant, sustainable and economically viable future. Their predictions are different from anything else.

They show the vision of a Smart Future – a future where cities can think, feel and grow, where water recycles itself, where technology is efficient and sustainable and where people live in prosperity and harmony.

In an intiative called ‘A Smarter Planet’ IBM outlines the possibilities that a technologically sustainable future can have. On its blog A Smarter Planet IBM highlights 5 technological transformations that will take place in the future. These predictions are made based on current technological changes in our society. As systems grow faster and smarter, the way we interact with our surroundings changes. Keeping these changes in mind IBM states, ‘The world continues to get “smaller” and “flatter.” But we see now that being connected isn’t enough. Fortunately, something else is happening that holds new potential: the planet is becoming smarter.”

Based on innovations taking place at the IBM labs Adam Christensen, Editor of the IBM Smarter Planet Blog lists the 5 changes that will happen in the world in 5 years:

  1. “Cities will have healthier immune systems
  2. City buildings will sense and respond like living organisms
  3. Cars and city buses will run on empty (without gas)
  4. Smarter systems will quench cities’ thirst for water and save energy
  5. Cities will respond to a crisis – even before receiving an emergency phone call.”

IBMs predictions seem to be out of a sci-fi movie where the buildings move and technology answers all questions. They are offering an innovative approach to adapting sustainability and saving our environment. In their predictions technology can be used to create a “Green future”.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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