Photograph of the Grand Central Station during the Holiday season

Have you ever tried taking pictures around the Grand Central Station? Or tried to set up a tripod to capture life around it? If you have you would know how difficult it is to capture beautiful shots of the station without getting angry stares from the security guards. In most cases you might even lose your tripod or have an officer come and warn you. Texas based photographer Trey Ratcliff shares his beautiful photograph of the Grand Central Station on his website. He posted it this morning and tweeted about it. Trey has also launched a book on HDR photography called ‘A World in HDR Photography.’ The book offers tips and information on HDR Photography and also shows Treys portfolio.

The launch party for the book will take place in Chicago on January 2nd 2010 at Hotel Sax. Trey talks about his book and states, “Because I like to teach by example, the book will feature a ton of photos that I consider to be some excellent examples of “HDR done right”.  Whenever possible, I include tips and tricks and discuss the conditions of the shot.  Often times, I also talk freely about various subjects that are related and help describe more about the way I think about these things.  There are many thoughts and questions around human nature, the arts, science, religion, and more.  This style has sprung up from the wonderful congenial and conversational style that has helped make this community so fun and exciting.”

More of Treys work can be viewed on his site and also on Facebook. His book is also available on Amazon.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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