New Photo editing tool – Teorex releases Inpaint

For those of us interested in photo manipulation techniques and like removing noise and unwanted things from our photographs, Teorex has introduced a new tool – Inpaint.  Inpaint is a valuable tool that allows photographers and other users to easily remove objects from the background of an image. With this tool you can remove scratches, noise and anything that seems misfitting in your beautiful images.

The tool is relatively easy and simple to use. All you have to do is mark the area to be used for ‘generating the texture and click the Inpaint – Run command.’ You can also use Inpaint to synthesize texture for different objects.  Teorex states, ‘Inpaint is a smart tool that fills the selected area with pixels taken from outside the selection boundary. This allows users to seamlessly remove objects from a background, which may be very useful for removing objects and people that got caught on the tape inadvertently. For instance, users can easily remove a person standing behind them on a beach — and the beach will be all theirs! The same applies to scratches, noise and all kinds of objects that do not belong to the photo or spoil the composition. Inpaint is affordable, easy to use (select-and-run principle) and requires absolutely no knowledge of photo editing. Just select the object to remove, define the area to be used for generating the texture and click the Inpaint — Run command! That’s it

For the personal and professional user, Inpaint is a standalone application that makes image manipulation simple. Inpaint lets users select an element in an image file to remove and launches the restoration process. Inpaint scans the pixels in the surrounding area and intelligently generates an appropriate replacement texture.’

You can get the tool for free from the Teorex website.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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