Exclusive: Interview with British Photographer Richard Hull Part 4

This is the last part of our Interview series with British Photographer Richard Hull. Richard is a brilliant photographer. He is a thinker and is very gifted. He has managed to come a far way in the past year or so that I have known him. He is not only a talented photographer but a very gifted engineer and an amazing race car designer. He uses all 3 of his skills in his photographic work. When asked what was his current profession he stated that, ‘I currently work in the R&D department for a Formula 1 team part-time, while completing a doctorate (PhD) in automotive transmission modeling – the order I listed them tells you something about where my priorities lie. I think my background and interest in engineering is often visible in the photos I take – detail shots of machines and mechanisms, buildings, vehicles, bridges. It’s no coincidence that good engineering is usually aesthetically pleasing.’

When asked what software or photo manipulation techniques he used Richard shared his secrets with us. He stated, ‘The only answer I can say to this question is – Lightroom, Lightroom, Lightroom. I adore this program, and every photo I take goes through the process. I don’t do much ‘editing’, and usually restrict myself to crop & rotate; although I have occasionally succumbed to vanity and retouched images of myself. The only other software I use is ptgui to stick panoramas, and photomatix for HDRs.’

Richard  lists the following 4 photographs as his favorite. These photographs provide a detailed summary of his work. Other than photography and car racing Richard also loves music. He states, ‘I always loved music, performing and especially songwriting. The problem is that while I’m better than average Jo, I was never quite good enough or maybe just dedicated enough to make a career out of it. Taking this to heart – but still wanting to be ‘in the biz’ – upon leaving school I started off on a career in sound and lighting for live events. While completing my degree I did a variety of work for theatre, live bands and TV, but in doing so discovered that it just wasn’t a good fit. I went back to university and studied mechanical engineering – in particular motorsports engineering – and have spent most days since obsessing over racing cars.’

You can view more of Richards work and buy his prints on his website  http://richardhull.smugmug.com

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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