Exclusive: Interview with British Photographer Richard Hull

Yesterday, I interviewed British Photographer Richard Hull to highlight his experience of photographing the vivid U.S. landscape, his interest in photography, his favorite photographs and to get some tips on taking amazing photos. Richard is an upcoming, self-taught British photographer and has had his work published in car magazines and guide books. His work has also been used in some advertising and he has an online portfolio to share with the world.  It was amazing to see America from a British photographers lens.

In 2008 Richard won a scholarship to a PhD program at Warwick University, United Kingdom. He is currently completing his doctorate in automotive transmission modeling. He is an avid race car fan and works part-time for the R&D department for a Formula 1 team. Richard is passionate about photography and car-racing and tries to mix the two together to produce some breath taking photographs. His photography equipment includes a Canon EOS400D DSLR with 18-55mm, 50mm and 90-300mm lenses. He also has an external flashgun and a few filters (ND grads/circular polariser). He states, ‘I usually carry everything around in a slingshot bag. The most useful accessory I own is a ‘travel’ tripod – small enough to hang off my camera bag, but versatile enough to suit most types of pictures.’

Richard and his partner came over to the U.S. earlier this year. During his trip he captured some stunning photographs of various different cities. They traveled through Detroit, Niagara Falls, New York City, Washington DC, Dayton (Ohio), Indianapolis, Carrollton (Illinois) and back to Chicago. He shares some of his favorite photographs from the trip with Amvona.

New York city (click on link to see a larger image)

The remainder of the interview will be featured in the next 3 posts.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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