Very inspiring: Recycled Felt Ipod/Iphone Case by IdeaofNorth

Are you still looking for a last minute Christmas gift? Do you want to surprise your loved ones with something special? The Felt Ipod/Iphone Case is your answer. It’s a simple but very meaningful gift. It is an original design produced by a Blogger at IdeaofNorth Maine (a Maine based design company/blog). The case is hand made and is made from 95% recycled Industrial felt.

The gift is ideal because it has character and says a lot about it’s owner. It shows that the person who uses it actually cares about their environment and wants to make a difference. The case is also a reflection of exquisite individual taste, as hand made crafts are diminishing in our mass produced products economy. It is simple and would keep your Ipod/Iphone safe. IdeaofNorth states on its blog that, ‘Felt iPod case I’ve been wanting to make for years, loosely based on a tobacco pouch. Industrial felt is 95% recycled, 1/8″ thick, made in Maine. Notch for headphone wrapping and moleskin-style elastic.’ The Case is available at Ferdinand (a local Maine store).

images from ideaofNorth

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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