And the Bing photo contest winner is…

Justin Kraemer!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen Seattle based photographer Justin Kraemer won the 2009 Bing Home Sweet Home Photo contest. Bing released the name of the winner last night. Justin is an aspiring photographer based in Seattle, Washington. He likes shooting landscapes and cities. And he has recently become very fond of HDR photography. His amazing photograph of the Seattle skyline won the most user votes in the 2009 contest and will be put up on the Bing Homepage on January 6th 2010.

The photograph was taken on March 29, 2009. The Bing blog explains Justin’s technique and states that, ‘Justin had just purchased a new lens, the Sigma 30mm F/1.4 and this was one of the first images that he captured with it. The photo is a 3 exposure HDR that was tone mapped in Photomatix and then processed in Photoshop Cs3.’ The photo is very magical. It completely changes the Seattle landscape into something out of a sci fi movie or a fairy tale. The buildings could almost be substituted with castles. We really like this photo and want to congratualte Justin on winning the competition.

The top 10 entries in the contest included photos from US, France, Spain and New Zealand. There were some photos selected by the Bing editors that didn’t make it to the Top10 but stood out. These entries are showcased on the Bing Facebook page. We have also added them below for you to see.

Chris Gin
Nikhil Jain
John Cruz

More on the Bing Facebook page.

You can also view more photos by Justin on his website

Images from the Bing Photo contest Facebook page.

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