Ricoh announced release of limited edition GR DIGITAL III x STUSSY

Today, Ricoh the Japanese camera manufacturer announced the release of a limited edition GR Digital III x Stussy Camera. This new version of the GR Digital III is being produced in collaboration with Stussy Inc. Stussy is a fashion brand manufacturer and is collaborating with Ricoh to offer the limited edition GR Digital III x Stussy Camera. This camera will be released as a celebration of Stussy’s 30th anniversary. According to the news release on the Stussy site, it will be released in early February 2010. It will be available through various Stussy chapter stores. In this new model Stussy and Ricoh offer colorful customization of the camera.

The customization can be done by changing the color of individual camera parts to a Powder Blue. Powder blue is also the color that defines Stussy Inc’s brand.  This new model retains the features of the GR III. Essential camera parts like the ring cap, shutter button, the area around the dial etc. can be changed to a powder blue.  Stussy will also ‘curate and present a photo project featuring virtual galleries of photographers whom they have worked with or admired over the past 30 years. These images will appear on in early 2010’.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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