Home made cameras – add spice to your life

People have hobbies, some go out fishing, some paint, some like gardening and others like taking pictures. But then there are those who have unusual but very interesting hobbies. One of those unusual hobbyists are the Howard Boys. They build their own cameras. They collect recycled material and build fully functioning cameras.

The camera on the right was created using recycled brass. Various parts including the body have been soldered together. The shutter and lens were purchased for this project. There is a view finder and a separate range finder to focus through the camera. The camera uses a manual focus.

The camera uses the old rangefinder technique. Howard Boys explain this technique on their blog and state that, ‘The majority of cameras nowadays are single lens reflex where an automatic mirroring allows the photographer to see just what is being captured and focus directly. Prior to this a “rangefinder” system was used in which the distance to the object being photographed was measured. Rangefinders existed independently or were “coupled” i.e. adjustment of the focusing of the lens was directly coupled to the rangefinder so one didn’t have to read a distance on the rangefinder and then adjust the lens focus. Of course modern developments allow for automatic focusing. Coupled rangefinders became used more generally in the 1930’s.’ The Howard Boys have developed a camera that uses the rangefinder system.

More information about the camera can be found on their blog. The Howard Boys give us all inspiration and show that it’s not impossible to create fun cameras at home this Christmas. A home made camera will definitely make a unique gift.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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