View the World’s Largest Panoramic Photograph

Today, 360 cities revealed the world’s largest Panoramic Photograph. The picture was taken in Prague from the Prague TV Tower. 360 cities state, ‘This image is currently (as of 12/2009) the largest spherical panoramic photo in the world. It is 192,000 pixels wide and 96,000 pixels tall. That’s 18.4 billion pixels, or 18.4 gigapixels! When it’s printed, it will be 16 meters (53 feet) long at regular photographic quality (300dpi). It was shot in early October 2009 from the top of the Zizkov TV Tower in Prague, Czech Republic. A digital SLR camera and a 200mm lens were used. Hundreds of shots were shot over a few hours; these shots were then stitched together on a computer over the following few weeks.’

The image was taken by Jeffrey Martin from 360 cities. The photograph provides a very detailed digital description of what the city of Prague looks like. It allows users to zoom in and see every single building and street. To get totally blown out by the image, click on the fullscreen button, scroll your mouse and enjoy the Panoramic view of Prague. Zoom into any part of the picture and you will be amazed at the depth it offers. It’s almost like being in Prague and walking down the streets.

Look at the amazing detail. This is a zoomed in version of the same photo

360Cities is a global photography network of Virtual Reality photographers from around the world. Through this platform they aim to display the finest and greatest quality panoramas to a web based audience. Recently, they integrated their portfolio of stunning Panoramic photos into the Gallery layer and Preview layer of Google Earth.

Written for and Published on the Amvona blog

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