TweetMeme CEO speaks at LeWeb

Among many other influential tech geeks at LeWeb was the founder of TweetMeMe Nick Halstead. He was there to talk about what participants at LeWeb had to say on Twitter. He started by describing how he launched tweetmeme and where did he see it heading in the future. He outlined the themes being most discussed on twitter at that time.

The themes included:

  • Shacks taxi driver being arrested for illegal parking when he was coming over to LeWeb.
  • Twitter’s announcement about launching their developer community today
  • He mentioned that currently there were 3000+ tweets about Leweb
  • My space was on the list of top tweets as Myspace opened up its web aps today
  • He also mentioned that he thought it was funny that someone on their way to LeWeb took a photo of a swine flu poster

Nick also showed the audience the future of TweetMeme and introduced channels that will enable users to search content on the site. He said these channels will be opened to the public next year. The recorded session from LeWeb can be viewed here (click on link).

Nick setup a new company in 2007. The company was focused on delivering filtered news to everyone. Nick was one of the first people to declare RSS dead and channeled all his efforts in creating a site that will provide up to date news to people.  In 2008 he set up TweetMeme – the site that tracked and linked most popular Tweets from Twitter. Currently, TweetMeme serves 1.9Billion TweetMeMe buttons globally (there is one on our site too).

We can’t wait for the new channels to be launched on TweetMeme. The LeWeb events way of using social media as a tool for conveying this conference to the world shows that these mediums are very important. It was interesting to see that their were more online viewers than live ones present at the event. The event continues tomorrow and will invite other prominent speakers to define what the future of online communication will be. Nick Halstead can be followed on twitter too.

Written for and Published on the Amvona Blog

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