Strobox – Now you can draw your lighting diagrams on Iphone

Are you a professional photographer? Do you like having perfect lighting for your shoots? Do you draw lighting diagrams and like them to be handy? If you are a lighting diagrams freak like me you will love this new Iphone App. This week saw the launch of Strobox – an ap designed for Iphone, that allows photographers to draw lighting diagrams on their phones. The best part is, it’s free.

Strobox allows you to share your lighting techniques with others, repeat the same photoshoot (it keeps a record of your old diagrams) and provides you with over 25 different lighting equipment options to choose from. MacRumors users state that, ‘It generates PNG file that you can share with anyone as easy as by sending it by email within this app’. The Strobox has been created by Janis Lanka.

In an interview with DIY Photography Janis commented that the Ap would be free forever he stated that, ‘Oh, this will be totally free forever. This actually is a part some upcoming bigger community website, but that will be only after 4-5 months. But as far as this app, it will be free adn we’ll add more equipment and all for free. Believe it or not, we did think to charge for it, but then decided that it would be a really big obstacle for people. We want that more people use it, rather than less.’ Strobox is an excellent example of community sharing and new media development. For all the photographers out there this would be a great gift to add to your Christmas list.

Currently, the app gives you over 25 lighting equipments to choose from:

  • Backdrops
  • Strobes
  • Softboxes
  • Umbrellas
  • Hairlights
  • Diffusion panel

There are plans of adding more equipment to the site.

I can’t wait to try this App out and create my Lighting diagrams.  Images from

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