Sneak Peak: Bing Photo Contest

Tomorrow is the last day for submitting photos to the Bing Snap photo contest. We are bringing you a sneak peek into the photographs submitted so far. The competition looks tough and there are 96,400 fans voting for the photographs so far.  By signing into the Bing facebook page and giving access to the application you can now vote for a photograph or upload your own image to the contest.

The images that we have seen so far look gorgeous and we can’t wait for January 6th to arrive so that we can view the winning photograph on the Bing homepage. Today, Bing released some of the photos from this years competition. Check out the images below for a glimpse at some of this years entries.

Voting is open till 12th December 2009 so hurry up register and vote for your favorite picture on the Bing facebook page now. We look forward to seeing your work in the Bing competition. If you enter a photograph do let us know – we would love to go vote for our readers pictures :).

Images from the Bing Facebook page

Written for and published on the Amvona blog

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