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WordPress decided to give its users an early Christmas present – now you can post and read your WordPress blog on Twitter through Tweetie2. Tweetie 2 is an Iphone and Twitter desktop client. In the past Tweetie2 has allowed users to update and check their Twitter statuses on their Smart Phones. WordPress developers state that new forms of social media like Twitter are complimentary to blogging. They have been monitoring ‘ongoing growth at as more and more people started to use Twitter.’ Now they are going to allow their users to post and read blogs through the Twitter API.

Basically, what this means is that any Twitter app that supports a custom API URL will allow you to either post updates to your blog or read updates from  any blogs you subscribe to.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg announced this news today. He states on his blog that, ‘I see the Twitter API as one of the new de facto standards that as many applications should support as possible. (Amazon S3 API too, why don’t all cloud storage providers use that?) We’ll be open sourcing the server as a WordPress MU plugin, so that other people can take advantage of our work and benefit their readers and communities.’ Perhaps, in the future we will be seeing more Twitter Aps added to WordPress.

In the photograph above Matt gives a visual demonstration of how the integration between Tweetie2 and works. The integration of the two blogging platforms was a necessary step for social media development online. Now ‘megablogging and microblogging’ sites can operate together and the users can benefit from this relationship.

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