Live at LeWeb – Marissa Mayer – VP Search Products & User experience Google

LeWeb – the biggest European Internet conference with over 2000 participants from 46 countries launched in Paris today. The conference will continue till tomorrow 12/10/2009. Today, around 11:00AM EST Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products and User Experience at Google was interviewed by Michael Arrington, Editor, Tech Crunch. We are following the conference live and are bringing to you up to date comments of industry professionals on the future of the web. This post covers the interview with Marrisa Mayer and her views on various Google products.

The conference is being streamed live on the LeWeb homepage through ustream tv. Marrisa Mayer talked about various Google projects and products that will be launched in the new year. Discussion included issues like: the future of news on the web, Google Chrome as a browser, Google phone, Google Goggles, Google Wave, Google Search, The living story etc. She talked about how the web changes the whole journalism model and connects people to each other.

When talking about the future of news, Marissa commented that, “if you reinvented news on the web it would look very different from the way news look right now.” She described the whole online news experience and compared it to Google Wave, stating that Google Wave changed the way we see email and now we need to find a channel that can change the way news would look on the web. She posed the question that, ‘How come I can’t have a personalized stream of news that is portable?’ She also introduced the new Google News service ‘Living Story’ – a platform of news in partnership with New York times that was launched on the web yesterday.

When talking about Google Chrome as a browser, Marrisa commented that, ‘our focus with chrome is on user experience, how can we make user experience better and make the browser faster …I find the thing that is really stunning about it is speed.’ She mentioned Safari and Internet Explorer as her favorite browsers after Chrome. She stated that, ‘I.E. is something you have to pay attention to because of it’s predomination in the society.’

She mentioned that Google will be launching the Google Phone early next year (maybe in January). She told the audience that yesterday Google launched its Chrome Browser Beta version for Linux and Mac.  When talking about Google Goggles and the Google Android, she commented that, ‘google gogles is the first indication of something that is consumer ready.’ Ready for a new innovative product that changes the whole interaction experience.  She also mentioned that Google will be introducing it’s Google Social Search next year.

When talking about Google Wave and it’s functionality she stated that, ‘Google Wave as a tool is most useful when you have a wave that you can share with other people.’

LeWeb is a very unique platform which is providing users with the ability to listen to the conference and interact live with the speakers through Twitter.  So far there have been 25000 tweets about the conference and the site has registered 3500 viewers, viewing it’s live stream.

Written for and published on the Amvona blog

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