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The holiday season is here and people are shopping both online and in the real world. This year has seen a greater push towards social media marketing by many retailers. Advertising Age claims, that more than 50% of the reatilers are including social media marketing in their marketing strategies and are using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Digg to market their promotions and deals.  We decided to take a look at how retailers were using Social Media Marketing to market their products this holiday season. We discovered some interesting facts, deals and much more. We are bringing to you the 10 most dominant Holiday marketing campaigns and deals this year.

10. Toys ‘R’ Us – After a successful Black Friday campaign Toys ‘R’ Us is now heavily posting deals on its Facebook page. To benefit from these deals you have to become a fan of Toys ‘R’ Us on Facebook and print out coupons or get holiday deal. Currently there are 449,919 fans on the retailers facebook page. Their current deal offers customers the ability to ‘Save $20 off your Toys”R”Us purchase of $75 or more when you check out at PayPal.”

9. BestBuy – BestBuy has a strong online presence on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. They are using these platforms to market their holiday deals, to answer costumer complaints and to lure more customers to their online stores. They post weekly ads on Facebook with a deal of the week. This weeks deal has Nintendos Wii and Wii Fit on sale.  They currently have 1,032,749 fans on their Facebook site. They have also launched the IDEAgiftr on facebook – an application that provides you with gift ideas for the holiday season.

8. Walmart – Walmart was one of the most visited online retailers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. Now they are aggressively using social media to market themselves for the Christmas holidays. They have put together an animated ap on Facebook called ‘The Christmas List Workshop’ that allows customers to create their Christmas lists. Walmart has 279,127 fans on its Facebook page and has launched a Twitter page with daily deals.

7. Staples – Like Walmart and BestBuy, Staples is also using Social Media to market its brand this holiday season. They post weekly ads with holiday deals on their Facebook site, have a holiday center and are offering free delivery to customers who shop for $50 and above. Staples has 783 twitter followers and 69,694 Facebook fans (not as many as the other retailers but they are still pushing hard to gain more customer loyalty through Social media).

6.  Old Navy – the fashion clothing retailer is also using Social media sites to market its products online. They have a facebook page with 358,955 fans. They have launched the fab-u-lister ap on facebook that enables customers to search for fantastic gifts for family and friends. They are not very dominant on Twitter but do have weekly sales promotions website.

5.  Marshalls – the fashion clothing retailer has launched a holiday gift calendar on Facebook, have a twitter site and have launched a promo on Youtube.  The Facebook gift Calendar unleashes a new deal everyday and is an interactive ap that uses the elements of curiosity to intrigue the customer.

The Youtube promo called ‘Youtube Caroling’ requires customers to participate and sing Christmas Carols for an opportunity to win a $50,000 gift card. Marshalls has 44,805 fans on Facebook and about886 followers on Twitter.

4. Borders – Like many other retailers Borders  is also using social media to create a hype about its products. They are offering free shipping to all their customers who order by Dec. 16 2009 for Christmas Delivery. They are using the tag line of ‘Season’s reading’ for their online promotions and have 90,567 fans. They don’t have a Twitter page but have definitely taken a step towards embracing social media and offering more on their website.

3. Macys  – Amongst other fashion retailers using social media is also Macy’s. Macy’s recently launched the Macy’s believe contest on Facebook encouraging customers to participate and tell them why they believe in Christmas and Santa. The state on their site that,’this holiday season we believe more than ever. In the spirit of Christmas and in the power of community.’

They have worked hard to develop an online community and are offering two return trip tickets to New York  to the winners of the I believe contest. The contest ended recently and winners will be announced on Dec. 15, 2009. The idea is a nice way of bringing together the Christmas spirit and sharing it with the world. Macy’s has 213,276 fans on their Facebook page. They have also launched a gift guide on their I believe page.

2. Apple – This year Apple is on number 2 of our list of retailers who have widely adopted the use of social media marketing to promote their brand. Apple does have different Facebook pages, one for the Apple students and one for Apple Ipod but they have not used mediums like Facebook and Twitter to aggressively promote their brand and to attract more customers.

However, they have been periodically sending email campaigns to their customers and have used that medium to promote their holiday deals. Apple was an early adopter of social media marketing and today it has a large fan following on it’s two Facebook pages. 338,250 fans on it’s Apple Ipod page and 1,415,978 fans on its Apple Students page. Apple also has a Facebook group with 76, 446 members and several Twitter pages with thousands of followers.

1. Kodak – This year Kodak is on our list as the number 1 retailer to have aggressively used Social Media to promote it’s brands and products and to rejuvenate it’s image in the customers mind.  They have a facebook page with 47,519 fans, several blogs, many twitter accounts, a holiday deals website and partnerships with photography movements like Help-Portrait, Tweetphoto etc. They recently launched a holiday photo competition with Tweetphoto where they are giving away a prize everyday for 30 days. They have also put together a Holiday gift guide.

Their holiday gift guide was also published in newspapers Nationwide on Sunday and is available in a pdf format on their site.

The most interesting and innovative part is that Kodak is now offering a Facebook application that allows customers to create photo albums, share photos and send messages.

Bloomberg quotes Tom Arrix, vice president of U.S. sales at Palo Alto, California-based Facebook as saying that,“Social shopping” is the main new e-commerce trend on the site.’ Social shopping seems to be taking the nation by a storm and every retailer seems to be spending a little more on their online shopping budget. Other retailers like, are also offering amazing holiday deals to shoppers.  In a report on Holiday shopping issued by NRF (National Retail Federation), their examiners claimed that November retail sales increased ‘1.3 percent seasonally adjusted from the previous month and increased 1.8 percent unadjusted year-over-year.’ The report also suggests that sales are expected to grow further this holiday season and retailers are ‘encouraged to see momentum building in sales as they prepare for the final ten days before Christmas’.

This holiday season has definitely brough a positive change in the consumer economy and has intensified the need to have an online presence.

Images from the various ap and fan pages on Facebook. Title image from iePlexus.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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