Google Wave Invites

The holiday season is here and everyone is playing Santa – including our very favorite Google. We have been updating you about the status of the new real-time communication platform Google Wave. Google Wave is an invite only platform, much like the way Gmail or Facebook were about 3-4years ago. Yesterday, Google Wave announced that it was offering one million invites to its users.

Google Wave officials posted this news on their Blog and reported that, ” We’ve been working to increase the capacity of our preview setup and have sent invitations to everyone who requested an invite through our online form. If you’d like to request an invitation, you can still sign up here. We’ve also given existing users additional invitations to share with family, friends, and colleagues. If you know people who want to try out Google Wave during the preview, log in and help them out!”

Initially Google Wave offered its user 7 invites, yesterday they were updated to 25 and Google Wave has also opened the platform for people to request a login and be able to send a Wave now :). Google Wave is one of the most tweeted about topics on twitter today. Twopular a site that reports current Twitter trends of the past 2hours and has listed Google Wave as one of the most talked about trends. Twopular reports that, ‘Google Wave is a communication & collaboration tool by Google. Invitations to a preview and testing version can be given out by other users. A new wave of Google Wave invites has been sent by Google. Now almost anyone can get one. Twitter is “Wave Crazy” with tweets about it.’

Google Wave has also revealed current Google Wave extensions on their site.

Extensions include Google Maps, Lab Pixies – interactive Sudoku puzzles,  Ribbit – telephone conference calls on Google Wave, 6-rounds – collaborative, real time video chat platform, AccuWeather – Weather forecasts and Lonelyplanet – trip planner using lonelyplannets content.

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