Give the gift of Chrome

When you prepare your holiday list don’t forget to add Google Chrome to it. Google launched it’s Google Chrome last month and now Google wants you to give the gift of Chrome. Unlike, other retailers who are aggressively using Social media and the web to market their products this holiday season,  Google uses a simple and effective strategy.  Are you ready to give the gift of super fast browsing? All you have to do is wrap Chrome in a virtual wrapping paper and send it to your loved ones

Select a designer wrapping paper to wrap your gift, designed by Google designers
Once your gift is wrapped, Click on continue
enter the name and email address of the person you wish to send it to
add a message – you can also add an image and a video and then click on Send your gift
Your gift will be sent

Gift giving has never been simpler! The entire experience of sending the Google Chrome gift was very entertaining. Google uses technology effectively and simply to enable you to create a gift that has meaning. If you are wondering what happens once you have sent your gift, read the following:

The person you sent the Chrome gift to will receive an email saying, ‘Google and (your name) have built and wrapped a present especially for you. What is it? Open your present and find out…’ Google retains the element of surprise and excitement as the email they send doesn’t unveil the gift. The recipient can access the gift by clicking on the link. Lets unwrap our gift 🙂

& the gift is unwrapped

You can now give the Google Chrome gift to your loved ones and add an element of tech fun to your holidays.  Google has definitely made good use of web marketing to launch Chrome and offer it as a gift (something you keep precious) this Christmas.

Written for and published on the Amvona Blog

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