German Panoramic 26 Gigapixel Photograph breaks all World Records

Last week, we discovered 360 Cities Panoramic Photograph of Prague.The photograph was stated as the largest Panoramic Photograph in the world. But the Germans have proved us wrong. As of December 2009 the German Panoramic Photograph of Dresen Germany is the largest Spherical Panoramic Photograph in the world. Our interest in Panoramic Photography made us probe around a bit and we discovered this amazing photograph. The gigantic Panoramic photograph is made up of 1,665 individual shots. The individual photographs were taken with Canon EOD 5D Mark II Camera and a 400mm lens.  The photographs were recorded by a photo-robot in 172 minutes. The image conversion took 94hours. The final resolution of the photograph is 297.500 x 87.500 pixel (making 26Gigapixel). This photograph is the largest in the world right now.

The photograph ‘was taken on the roof of the building “Haus der Presse” and starts at the left side with the Ostragehege. You can see the Congress Center and the Maritim Hotel rightwards. In the center is the city of Dresden with the famous Semperoper (back view), the castle and the Church of Our Lady. In the background is the television tower and you can identify outlines of the Saxon Switzerland. In the right part you can see the south of Dresden.n ‘  The German website explains the technology applied to this photograph. They state, ‘The Canon 5D Mark II was used on a Rodeon engine head produced by company Dr.Clauss. With it’s accurate calibration of 72,000 possible steps in a complete 360 degree twisting, the engine head was the best choice for this world record.’ More information can be found on their website.

Written for and Published on the AMvona Blog

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