Solar powered, slim – Next generation radio?

Radios are fascinating. They have traveled a long way from being just a telegraphed message to fully streaming live shows. Technology changes rapidly and gives vent to newer innovations and inventions. In our rapidly changing world, Solar technology and sustainable design seem to be the new revolutionary trends. Smart designers are embracing these trends and using them to innovate.

Designers Wu Kun-chia, Wang Shih-ju, Chen Ming-daw & Liou Chang-ho have come up with a proof-of-concept solar radio called Flexio Solar FM Radio.  Flexio is sustainable, well designed, portable, solar powered, paper-thin FM radio receiver. It is so slim and sleek that it can fit into a book and double as a bookmark. Each radio is customized to a specific frequency. Which means that each and every radio is tailored to work in individual cities, for example one that only works in Taipei, one in Berlin, one in Paris etc. The radio is small enough to fit into your wallet and is easy to carry around. It’s powered by solar cells and is definitely a step towards embracing newer technologies. The only constraint of this new design is that the radio will not work when it is outside the broadcasting range. But the designers claim that in the future it might be possible to connect to the radio, receive internet through WiFi.

images from Yanko Design

Also published on the Amvona blog

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