The eBay Black Friday

After a whole lot of food and fun, everyone needs to shop. Black Friday – the non-stop shopping madness with deals, ques, sales and freebies is almost like a sport – the deals are passed around, retailers open early, you see roads packed with cars, malls full of people and spectators ready to grab the latest deal. It’s a spectacle and it’s amazing how shopping connects so many people across the nation.


Everyone buys and sells. In this shopping frenzy our digital retailers are a step ahead. They benefit from both Black Friday and Cyber Monday and a whole week of online shopping. Shopping online on Black Friday definitely has many advantages – you can benefit from deals at home, there is no hassle, no waiting and no long ques, you can browse many different retailers at the same time and also search for the authenticity of the product. Amazon for instant is offering its customers a whole week of Black Friday deals. eBay on the other hand came up with a cooler idea. The online retailer decided to map the way people shopped at eBay on Black Friday. It came up with an animation on its holiday page that documents Black Friday shoppers in the U.S.



The animation offers retailers, economists and social networkers an opportunity to see the positive influence of digital media. It records spending and selling habbits of people and can be used to project future sales. It can also be used to monitor various different trends. Ebay states that the animation is ‘a visualization of all U.S.-based buyer and seller transactions on eBay on Black Friday, November 27, 2009 (12:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM EST)…The visualization is based on raw data that includes eBay sales and purchases occurring in approximately 33,000 U.S. ZIP codes.’ The application is also available on Facebook and lets you share the stats with your friends. We took a close peek to see the buyer and seller transactions in Massachusetts and discovered that there were about 1173 sellers who benefitted from Black Friday sales on eBay.




eBay has also launched its 12 days of deals for the holiday season and is offering its customers the opportunity to benefit from deals online. Holidays certainly have become digitized, from tweeting about Thanksgiving to shopping on Black Friday it’s all digital now.


Did you shop at eBay on Black Friday?


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