Tweet me turkey :)

Thanksgiving is here and it’s even more special this year – as this year the Thanksgiving magic has spread in the digital world. Bloggers, photographers, digital artists and entrepreneurs are using the Thanksgiving theme to spread more joy and give thanks.

Bloggers Josh Permuda, Gary Petro and Chad Weinman have designed an innovative and fun way of saying thanks. Their site TurkeyTwitter offers users the opportunity of getting in the festive mode and sharing their reasons for being thankful this year. TurkeyTwitter is not only fun but it also brings the spirit of Thanksgiving to the digital world. It has brought together 20,668 people so far who have tweeted about their reasons for being thankful. Now thanks to cool media sites like TurkeyTwitter thanksgiving can be celebrated in both real and digital worlds.

If you are interested in being a part of the festive gathering on Turkeytwitter just visit their site or Tweet #turkeytwitter or #thanksgiving on Twitter. Thanksgiving is one of the most Tweeted topics on Twitter and is on number 2 of their Trending Topics list.  Other social media sites have also found cool ways of celebrating Thanksgiving.

We have gathered some Thanksgiving inspiration from Designinformer – a blog and social platform for designers. Designinformer has listed the top 10 coolest Turkey illustrations for 2009 on its blog. Our favorite has to be the tech turkey by Timothy B. To see more of the illustrations visit their site. You can also vote for your favorite design on Twitter.

Social networks like Facebook have also introduced cool Apps for this festive holiday. Facebook offers its users about 31 applications to celebrate Thanksgiving. One of them Thanksgiving surprise gifts allows you to send Turkey eggs to your friends. The turkey eggs hatch into a fully grown turkey on Thanksgiving day.

These sites show the importance of Social media in our lives today.  It’s fantastic how the digital world brings us all together in celebration. Like everyone else we have a long list of things to be thankful for too. Most importantly we are thankful for the love and support of our readers.

Thank you all for reading our blog and being a part of our community.


Happy holidays 🙂


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