A ‘wave’ of new social conversations

Social media plays an important role in our tech savvy lives. Social media sites like FacebookTwitter, Digg etc. dominate many social conversations. In the midst of all these conversations, Google introduced Google Wave in September 2009.

A ‘wave’ that combines all social conversations and gives it’s users the opportunity to ‘communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps and more’. The cool bit is that this past weekend the developers of Google Wave brought it to Massachusetts. Massachusetts GTUG (Google Technology User Groups) hosted the Google Wave Hackathon event on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at the Google offices in Cambridge, MA. The event was open to the public and free to attend. However, prior registration was required and users/developers could register by going to the GTUG website. Also, GTUG was giving free Google Wave invitations at the event. Yes, Google Wave is an invite only social platform. The invite only process is quite similar to how users interacted with Facebook about 4 years ago.

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a revolutionary tool –  a platform that combines many different social conversations. It can be classified as a real-time chat room that enables users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously like  edit documents, upload and share photos, search on twitter, etc. In some ways Google Wave will replace the need for opening multiple websites and logging onto 3-4 social networking sites. Now all you need is Google Wave to manage friend lists, tweet, update your blog, manage your photos, etc. Google Wave is a futuristic tool that will revoluntionize online communication.

The Google Wave team explains Google Wave in their video on youtube:

Image from Google Wave website

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