Illinois & Frank LLoyd Wright

2 weeks ago I took a trip down to Chicago to visit an old friend, we went out exploring the historic city of OakPark, Illinois. Just for inspiration we decided to explore the old architecture of this city and came across Frank LLoyd Wright’s Unity Temple Church.

The Unity Temple

The next day we decided to explore a bit more and came across Frank Lloyd Wright’s house and studio. A fabulous example of design with such intricate detail.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

Frank Lloyd Wright home & studio

It looked like a normal house from the outside. My first reaction was that this isn’t anything special but the minute we entered the studio Frank Lloyd Wright’s magic started to work on us. It is a an amazing example of perfect harmonious design and explain’s how sustainable products can be recycled to create an exquisite effect. The entire house was made using recycled materials. A tree grew from the middle of a wall and connected the studio to the main house. It was fabulous and ofcourse we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. The house was decorated with intricate stained glass patterns and wood carvings. There was a fireplace in almost every room. Frank Lloyd Wright had taken inspiration from various cultures here namely from Roman, Italian and Egyptian cultures. The house had a feel of grandeur and was very well put together. I could see the symbology of the square, circle and hexagon coming together. The architecture was very modern for it’s times and very inspiring.

After oowing and ahing over his home and studio we decided to go around the neighborhood and see more of his work.

A house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the neighborhood

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